Alexandra's Expedition to Iceland

Current Location

Ísafjörður, Iceland

Hi, I'm Alexandra, and I live on the island country of Iceland. From waterfalls and glaciers to volcanos and traditions that date back to the time of Vikings, there's so much we can explore together!


It has been a fairly typical week in Ísafjörður, which for me means 1,000 tiny earthquakes, some spectacular northern lights viewing, and a polar plunge to welcome the new year!


My reflections on the end of this journey, living abroad and “þetta reddast.”

Field Notes

Let's dive into one of Iceland's famous dishes. We'll talk about the difference between American and Icelandic dishes, its fish culture, and fascinating ways of preparing Icelandic food!


Aly joined our friends at Exploring By The Seat of Your Pants to share her life, adventures and research in Iceland... you can watch the full recording here!