Ali's Journey to Israel

Current Location

Rehovot, Israel

Join me on my journey to Israel! During the week I teach in a local Israeli elementary school, and on Sundays, I have the chance to travel throughout this small but special country!


This past week I was so excited because I got a chance to explore the beautiful country I live in with some of the people that make this place home!


I can't believe I'm wrapping up the first half of my journey in Israel!  Let's reflect on this time together and the special experiences we've encountered.

Field Notes

I thought it would be hard to communicate in Israel, since I only English. I was wrong, though! English is everywhere: on menus, on clothing and in conversations. 


Check out my weekend trip over the border in Jordan! My friends and I were on a tour and had the opportunity to explore this amazing, neighboring country. What a breath-taking weekend!