Farewell Journal

Seoul, South Korea
37.566535000000, 126.977969200000
Journal Entry:


Thank you for giving me the chance to share my experiences in Korea with all of you! I am really glad to share what I do in a day, what kinds of food I eat, where I have been, and to show you many pictures of my life in Korea!! As you can tell, I have enjoyed living in Korea, seeing the beautiful parks and palaces and experiencing different cultural traditions! Throughout my journey here, I have met wonderful people, many of whom have become some of my closest friends! It is very cool how you can meet new people in a completely different country who have similar backgrounds as you. I have learned how to appreciate my culture, as well as to respect the culture that I am visiting. I have learned how to enjoy the moment and have fun!! I am happy that I was able to show you all how wonderful it is to travel the world and be a part of something different and unique. I hope that my experience has inspired you all to one day travel the world and learn about new and different countries. Do not be afraid to dream big because everything is possible! I hope you all become passionate about learning about different places and one day getting the chance to visit them. 

잘 가고 행운을 빌어(jal gago haeng-un-eul bil-eo)

(Goodbye, and good luck!)