Anahy's Life in Korea


Hello! This field note talks about what kinds of food I eat, what chores I have to do, what my school life looks like, and answers some other questions that will help you get to know me.

What do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?:

For breakfast, I make myself some toast with strawberry jam and a side of yogurt with sunflower seeds. 

For lunch, I usually go to a coffee shop and have a sandwich or a pastry (baked good) with my coffee.

For dinner, I go to restaurants that are close to my school. I try to go to new places to eat dinner. So far, I have gone to eat Korean BBQ, Yakisoba (Japanese noodle stir fry), Pho (Vietnamese soup that is made of beef broth, thin slices of beef, bean sprouts and cilantro), pasta, pizza, and Xialongbao (Chinese soup dumplings). 

What is your house like?:

I live in a dormitory, which is a building at my university that has rooms for students to live in on campus. My dorm room is pretty big. It is actually a double (a room meant for two people to live in), so as a singleton, I have a lot of space! I also have my own mini-refrigerator, bathroom and desk at which I can study and do my homework. 

What chores do you have at home?:

Since I live alone here in Korea, I have a lot of chores to do in order to keep my room nice and clean!