Traveler Bio

Hola (Hello) from Costa Rica! My name is Andrew. I am 22 years old and I am from Arlington, Virginia (really close to Washington, D.C.)! I lived in Virginia my entire life and went to college at the University of Virginia to study business. I love playing sports (like basketball, soccer, and golf), hiking and exploring nature, and cheering for Washington sports teams (go Commanders!). I now live in Costa Rica working as a Peace Corps Volunteer!

What is the Peace Corps? Peace Corps is a United States organization that places volunteers in other countries for 2 years to help people in those countries. I chose to join the Peace Corps because I wanted to experience another culture, learn how to speak another language, as well as help small businesses. 

I live in a small village called Cabeceras with a local family. Cabeceras is up in the mountains surrounded by farmland and rainforests. My job here is to teach small businesses different skills to help them grow. I also teach kids in elementary school and high school about businesses and jobs. I do my entire job in Spanish too!

I love living in Costa Rica and I am super excited to share my experience with all of you!