Día de independencia


Día de indepndencia is a very important day because it not only recognizes Costa Rica's independence from Spain but all of Central America's independence from Spain. In Costa Rica, as well as school and work being canceled for the day, numerous traditions are carried out to celebrate this historical day. I was able to experience these traditions first hand this past September!

What tradition did I learn about?:

On Día de Independencia, there are 4 main traditions that are practiced.

  1. Independence Torch Relay: This tradition is one share among all Central American countries. A lit torch is carried all the way from Guatemala to Costa Rica, symbolicing the spread of independence across Central America. Selected high school students carry the torch from town to town. Students typically wear traditional clothes while carrying the torch.
  2. Singing of the national anthem: All towns in Costa Rica gather to sing the national anthem (as well as their regional anthems) together. It's a special moment of patriotism for Costa Ricans.
  3. Lantern Parade (desfile de faroles): Once night falls, participants of all ages take part in a parade of lanterns.