Anthony's Journey to Ecuador

Current Location


Hola a todos! Hi, all! My name is Anthony and I'm currently working and living in Ecuador as an English teacher at a university. I'm so excited to share this amazing country and its people with you!


I didn't travel anywhere too far in the last week because I had to get back to work at the university, but I did do some exploring closer to Ibarra with some friends!


In this journal entry, I want to talk a little bit about how I have learning to recognize and respect different cultural perspectives, even if I don't personally agree with them all the time.

Field Notes

In this entry, I'll be talking about the environment in Ecuador and what makes it so special.


Today, my mom and I took a trip to a city called Otavalo. In the morning, we hiked to the Peguche waterfall and after lunch we went souvenir shopping in the famous market in the Plaza de Ponchos.