Araya's Journey to the United Kingdom

Current Location

London, England

Join me on my journey to the United Kingdom! I am currently studying in London, and I can not wait to share my adventures with you!


I recently had the chance to travel to Yorkshire, a region of England with an interesting Viking past! It was incredible to walk amongst so much history and beauty. Let's go!


Traveling to new places is fun, but it is also nice to be able to return to the comfort of home. It's time to say farewell from London as I prepare to return to North Carolina.

Field Notes

There are so many people living in London that it's often difficult to notice people who need help. I have noticed that there are many homeless people in London, and many others who try to help them.


I had the chance to visit the Edinburgh Zoo during a weekend trip to Scotland! Do you recognize any of the animals that I saw there?