Bon Voyage

London, England
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Journal Entry:

As I prepare to leave London and return to the United States, I want to thank you all for sharing this incredible experience with me. I had a lot of fun getting to know you over the past 12 weeks. Studying abroad has been one of the best things I have ever done in my life, and it's (by far!) one of the best academic choices that I have made. I hope that you will look into studying abroad some day. It is such an amazing opportunity, and there are so many resources available to help make it affordable.

Studying abroad has definitely impacted who I am as a person. I now have a wider worldview. I have had the chance to meet people of a different culture and have great discussions, as well as take part in new traditions. The tradition of theatre in London has been one of my favorite parts. I have always loved theatre, but studying abroad has made me look at it differently. I have learned how to look at theater pieces more critically and to better understand what a work is about. Theater can be a powerful tool to use to discuss the issues and needs of a community--and spark change.

I learned that there are many different types of theater shows. Some are fun, just to simply invite people into an imaginary world and provide a break from the real world for a while.