Meet the ARCSPIN Expedition Team!

The tundra around Utqiaġvik, Alaska
71.292216600000, -156.790333200000
Journal Entry:

I’m Dr. Jessie Creamean, an atmospheric research scientist and leader of the ARCSPIN expedition. I grew up and went to college in Illinois, then went to California for graduate school. I learned about climate change in college and thought, “Wow, I need to do something about this!” That is why I started down the path of becoming a scientist who studies how our earth is evolving because of climate change. I was especially drawn to the Arctic because it is such a beautiful, unique, and delicate place that is very sensitive to the warming of our planet. I have been working as an atmospheric research scientist in Colorado since 2012 and absolutely love my job! I have been to the Arctic six times for research and get to travel all over the world to communicate my findings and work with other scientists to solve climate-related problems.

Together, with my team including: Atmospheric research scientist, Dr. Thomas Hill; postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Marina Nieto-Caballero; and Ph.D. student, Kevin Barry, we aim to study how specks of thawed permafrost might be released into lakes, rivers, oceans and, ultimately, the air. We also have a filmmaker, Rick Minnich, with us to document our expedition on camera for you all to see!