Food in Seoul and Traditional Korean Dishes


Since arriving in Korea, I have made it a goal to try many different traditional foods! Food can be a great way to learn about a culture and its customs. Many Korean meals are served along with rice or buckwheat noodles as well as a few side dishes called banchan. Banchan is the Korean word for side dishes, and these can include kimchi, yellow pickles and radishes, just to name a few.

What food did I try?:

Bulgogi is a traditional Korean marinated meat. It's very popular among many foreigners and locals for its sweet flavor. it usually comes in strips like a stir-fry and tends to be very juicy.

How did I feel when I tried it?:

I have tried this food in the United States before and have even made some on my own, yet my experience of the dish in Korea was totally different that what I had imagined. It was a new experience that made me feel more connected to Korean culture and its appreciation for the flavor of each dish. The level of sweetness from the sauce used to marinate the meat was perfect. The meat was not too cooked or too undercooked, and the banchan that accompanied the dish suited the flavor of the meat more than I expected.