Beautiful Scenery Everywhere You Go!


Korea is well known for its enviromental beauty, where even small local parks can be breath-taking. Throughout history, Korea has always cherished its natural landscapes. This pride has taken the forms of art works or major city projects. Koreans have taken a special interest in not only turning their fast growing country into a successful concrete jungle but also finding environmental friendly alternatives for locals to enjoy a quality stroll.

What makes this environment special or different?:

Everywhere you go in Korea, you can see an abundance of greenery and water that adds to the beauty of the location. Many indoor spaces contain various kinds of flowers and indoor plants that give the impression of outside landscapes. Many cafes or restaurants also have waiting areas with themes of specific environments such as the seasides or deep forests. These re-creations of natural environments add to the overall beauty of many areas in Seoul. One of my favorite cafes in Seoul is called Banana Cafe near Seoul forest. This cafe in specific has their entire menu based on plant, where you can get dessert in pots and even get little shovels for spoons.