Audrey's Journey to Asia and Africa

Current Location

Tokyo Japan

Hi, I'm Audrey, and you're invited to join me on a journey around the world! I'll be re-living my experiences in Japan, Vietnam, Mauritius, and South Africa. Let's go on an adventure together!


Read about my travels from Hiroshima, Kobe and Tokyo. From the mountain ranges to skyscrapers, I tried to explore as much of Japan as I could. 


Hello everyone! I’m excited for our discussions over these next few months. To start, here’s a little bit about me and the study abroad program that I took part in earlier this year, Semester at Sea!

Field Notes

Japan is known for its technological advancements, especially its bullet trains! At speeds up to 199 miles per hour, it is a quick way to travel across the country. 


Mauritius was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. It is a small African island in the Indian Ocean with various cultures and unique wildlife. Mauritius is where dodo birds lived!