Let's Take a Daytrip to the Golden Coast: A Walk Through Sitges


A beautiful old house in downtown Sitges (pronounced See-chehz). You can see the Arabic influence in the windows.
The promenade stretches all along the coast of this beach town. In the distance, you can see the main church.
My friend, David, and me, smiling for the camera. David is from the Canary Islands. While these islands are a part of Spain, they are actually closer to Morocco!
I had to take a photo in front of this beautiful wooden door!
Sitges is full of little narrow streets, like this one.
This beach town is filled with little blue details and white-washed houses, which reminded me a lot of Morocco.
I loved this little plaza del barrio (neighborhood plaza).
An old cannon, used to defend Sitges from the British half a century ago. You can also see little sailboats out at sea.