Nos Vemos Pronto, Amigos! (See You Soon, Friends!)

Do you know the word "stereotype?" A stereotype is an overly simplified judgment, such as what being an “American” is.

However, I have learned to be appreciative when people want to learn more about where I come from. Just as I am curious about other people’s way of life, I am grateful that other’s want to know more about our way of life in the US. In the end, I am proud to represent our corner of the US, that is, Tualatin, Oregon – even if no one knows where it is!

While this is the official end of our Reach the World journey together, this is just the beginning of your journey as world citizens. With hard work and an open mind, you can go anywhere and learn anything. Whether in another country or in your own neighborhood, you have the ability make an impact on the world – and Mrs. Helm and I are here to help! Nos vemos pronto, amigos!