Brittany's Journey to Finland

Current Location

Tampere Finland

Hi, I'm Brittany! Do you like science, magical winter skies and baby reindeer? Pull up a cup of cocoa and join me on my journey to Finland to study global maternal-infant health.


School and work will always beckon, but Finns take their weekends very seriously. I am happy to travel, write and explore during the weekends and recently I visited Oulu and Helsinki in Finland.


Thank you for an amazing autumn. It's time to sign off for now, but it's only the beginning of all of our adventures into the new year!

Field Notes

One of the reasons I came to Finland was to study the unique healthcare system here. Finland has a complex social security system; citizens pay heavy taxes and receive healthcare mostly for free. 


Thanksgiving (November 28, American holiday), Independence Day (December 6, Finnish holiday) and Christmas (December 25) all fall within just a few weeks of each other in Finland!