Our Morning at the Market


In Cambodia, shopping for food is very different from back home. The village market opens at 5:30 AM. People go shopping first thing in the morning. (Don't miss our Album from the market, which includes a video of the morning shopping action!) There are stalls lining both sides of the entire street. Motorcycles pass both ways on a tiny pathway in the middle of the stalls. People walk between stalls, which more motorcycles bring more goods to the market. This is an extremely busy place but everyone seems to know exactly where to go and what to do. People are very patient with each other.

We passed stalls with only vegetables, including bok choy, string beans and carrots. Other stalls sell only fish, including some big ones that are about two feet long and small fish that are about six inches long. Vendors filet the fish on wooden blocks and then put them out to be sold. There was another stall with chickens and one with a pig. They have stalls of fruit, such as jackfruit, mangos, limes, durian and pineapple. Most of the stalls were vegetables, fruit or fish. At the end of the street we found someone making what looked like fried dough, so we decided to try some!

What food did I try?:

The snack that we had at the market is called nom paong, which means "sweet balloon" in Khmer.