Come Share Elarji With Me!


Georgian cuisine is distinct and delicious. Feasts featuring rich, hearty dishes shared between friends and family are important parts of the local culture. The crown jewel of Georgian cuisine is found in the region of Samegrelo in western Georgia. This regional cuisine focuses on dairy products, flavorful spices and corn. I am very lucky to enjoy Megrelian food on a regular basis!

What food did I try?:

Living in Samegrelo, I regularly eat a dish called elarji. It's unique to this region and can be described as a cheesy cornmeal porridge. Samegrelo, the region of Georgia where I live, is known for its incredible cuisine. Elarji uses ingredients that are special to the region, such as a type of cheese called sulguni. Elarji is a popular side dish at every table in Samegrelo, and home cooks take pride in making the stretchiest, yummiest elarji possible. 

How did I feel when I tried it?:

I think elarji is super tasty! Normally, I don't like grits, but because elarji is mixed so well with sulguni cheese, you don't notice the texture of the cornmeal. Elarji is a very heavy and filling dish, but it's difficult to stop eating it because it's so delicious. I usually feel very full and satisfied after I've eaten it.