Nakhvamdis, megobrebo! (Goodbye, friends!)

Rome, Italy
41.902783500000, 12.496365500000
Journal Entry:

Hi, students! I'm writing to you from Rome, Italy, where I am attending a conference sponsored by the Fulbright program. The time has come to reflect on my experience living in Georgia. I have lived in Zugdidi for almost six months and each day has been an opportunity to learn more about culture, language and communication. Living in a place that is very different from what you're accustomed to can be challenging! New environments are exciting at first, but after a while, you begin to miss the familiarity of your home. The experience of traveling and living abroad is extremely rewarding, however.

Even though my life in Georgia is very different from my life in the United States, I have had the opportunity to make new friends and create connections with my host community. I see amazing landscapes and eat delicious cuisine. Many people in the United States might only know about the Georgia that is the U.S. state, so I am very glad that I get to tell people about my experiences in this beautiful and friendly country. I'm so glad you could join me on my adventures in Georgia, from celebrating a holiday with local friends to trying delicious new food like elarji. I hope you are interested in discovering more about the world after the conclusion of our journey!