Nakhvamdis, megobrebo! (Goodbye, friends!)

Learning about other cultures helps us understand our own better. You learned about holidays, food, the environment and even skiing in Georgia. As you learned, did you think about how you have experienced these things in your own life? When we understand our own culture better, we can find similarities between people who at first seem very different from one another. Do you remember reading Lizi's "Daily Life" field note? I hope you found both differences and similarities between your and Lizi's lives! Even though Lizi lives in a country far away, we can make connections through our shared experiences. 

You don't always have to travel far to learn about culture! There are many opportunities to learn about culture even within the United States. Regions, states and communities in the United States have distinct cultures, just like the Samegrelo and Svaneti regions in Georgia. If someone new to your community were to visit, what special food should they try? What unique event or celebration should they attend that they won't find elsewhere? Sharing about your culture and learning about others helps connect people all around the world. Thanks for connecting with me and have a wonderful rest of the school year! As we say in Georgian, ნახვამდის მეგობრებო! (Nakhvamdis, megobrebo! Goodbye, friends!)