Caroline's Journey to Spain

Current Location

Santa Cruz Tenerife

Bienvenidos a Tenerife! Welcome to Tenerife! I am so excited to share stories from my new island paradise, where I work as an assistant English teacher at an elementary school. Join me!


I live in the city of Santa Cruz which is by the water and near the port. Just 20 minutes by car up the hill is another city called La Laguna. It is so close, but it feels very different!


In Spanish, when saying goodbye, they normally say "hasta luego" instead of "adios." Hasta luego means see you later. I think it is a nice cheerful way to say goodbye!

Field Notes

This article discusses what it is like to be a child growing up here in Tenerife, Spain. Think about how their day is different and similar to your own!


Photos of Christmas on the island! There are Christmas lights and Christmas trees around the city, but it is hard for me to remember that it's Christmas when it is still so hot here!