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Most people know that cheetahs are incredibly fast, but did you know that unlike other big cats (like lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars), cheetahs don't roar? They growl, chirp, bark and purr, but you'll never catch a cheetah roaring! There's so much to learn about these beautiful animals, and what better way to understand cheetahs and the threats they face than to go on a journey to the southwest African country of Namibia. It's here that one-fifth of the world's remaining wild cheetahs live, and it's also where free-roaming cheetahs face some of the biggest threats to their survival.

During this virtual exchange expedition, you will meet the inspirational people at the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) who work hard to better understand and protect cheetahs in Namibia and around the world. As we travel virtually to CCF's conservation headquarters in Namibia, you will see firsthand how human-wildlife conflict (when humans and animals fight over the same land and food) poses a threat to cheetahs. As you witness the ways that CCF works to solve human-wildlife conflict, students and classrooms around the world can apply these experiences towards classroom projects of their own that help cheetah conservation.

Ready to travel virtually to Namibia and get up-close-and-personal with cheetahs? Let's go!

This global education program is free for K-12 classrooms thanks to the generous support of the Infinite Safari Foundation. Educators are invited to use Cheetah Conservation Fund's educational materials as well!