Colleah's Journey to Ecuador

Current Location

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Hello there! My name is Colleah and I am thrilled to share great moments with you while I am here in Guayaquil, right next to the Pacific Ocean!


Cuenca is the third largest city of Ecuador in population but, it comes in first place in terms of beauty with many historic sites to see. Traveling by foot, I had a really great time here.


Traveling to Ecuador has been filled with many lessons on the society and chances to help everyone around. As I leave Ecuador, I am happy to say I've done more than enough while here.

Field Notes

The kids here have a normal schedule of school and home but, learning English and things about the U.S. adds pure excitement to their day


Studying abroad in Ecuador was unforgettable. From all of the traveling to the many connections I made, I will always smile from ear-to-ear when remembering the special moments from here