Daouda's Journey to Fiji

Current Location

Suva, Fiji

Hello everyone, my name is Daouda Njie! This year I will be living in Suva, Fiji. While enjoying island life, I'll be studying Fiji's beautiful seagrass. I can’t wait to share my journey with you!


Hey, class! Today I want to tell you guys about what it's like living in Fiji every day. 


Today, I hope that I can tell you all about kava and why it is important to Fijian culture!

Field Notes

Hi class, I have a special animal to share with you today. This week, I saw my first banded sea snake while visiting Leluvia Island! These special animals live part of their lives in the ocean. 


This week, I put together a nice video of all the sea animals I have seen while snorkeling around Fiji. Which one is your favorite?