Deztiny's Journey to Spain

Current Location

Barcelona, Spain

Hola! Hello! My name is Deztiny, and this winter I'll be living and studying in Barcelona, Spain. I look forward to sharing the language, culture and cuisine of Spain with you.


Learn more about my life in Barcelona so far.


!t is time to say goodbye! I have enjoyed sharing my experiences with you, and I hope you feel that you learned something about Spain and the cultural differences between Spain and the U.S.A.

Field Notes

I had many images in my head before coming to Spain, but people sleeping on the metro floor was not one of these. Homelessness is however, a big problem even here in elegant Barcelona.


This week I traveled to Madrid with my program. We explored museums with original works from Picasso and Velázquez, as well as a palace. Are you ready to explore Madrid with me? Stay tuned...