Childhood in Belgium, featuring Tim!


Tim is an 11 year-old boy, born and raised in Dilsen, Belgium. He is the little brother of someone who will be familiar to you: my friend Sofie who I did a post on a few weeks ago! Tim has lighter hair than Sofie; his hair is light brown and her has bright blue-green eyes. Often Sofie is cracking jokes, making everyone around her laugh, and I see the same traits in young Tim. He is playful and full of energy. During the interview at Sofie's house, he was sprawled on the carpeted floor of the living room; and at one point, he started making an imaginary snow angel. Try reading Sofie's interview again, and compare it with Tim's words to see the differences between a Belgian adult and child.  I have used Tim's words to describe his life.

What do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?:

For breakfast, Dad (Pa) makes me bread with chocolate spread or speculoos (a cookie butter spread). Sometimes he will make me eat a healthy breakfast like cereal with milk, or bread with cheese.

For lunch, my mom packs two sandwhiches (broodjes). Usually these contain meat like ham, as well as a slice of cheese. "My parents also give me 1 euro to buy a drink from one of the machines at my school, which provide a soda or sparkling tea for 0.50 euros.