Traveler Bio

Hi, I'm Edna!

I grew up in many cities across the USA and in Mexico, but have most recently called California home. As a Mexican-American living in America, I felt like I didn't have a good grasp of my Mexican culture. So when I was 12 and my family moved to Mexico, it felt great to be able to discover this culture that seemed so distant from me. It was during this time that I also uncovered my passion for traveling and studying different cultures. Ever since then I have been traveling, from Cuba to Japan and now to Belgium! 

In college, I studied molecular biology, which sounds fancy, but is actually just the study of the tiny machines that make us up. I am fascinated by this entire microscopic world that we cannot even see with our eyes! Specifically, I wanted to help create solutions to diseases that affect those we love. This is what got me to study schizophrenia. This brain disorder has a complicated name and is even more complicated to understand. This is why I want to join the community of scientists who are battling to understand this disease, so that maybe, one day, we can find a cure!

Are you ready to explore Belgium with me? Let's go!