Elinor's Journey to Vietnam

Current Location

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

In September, I officially moved from Minneapolis, MN, to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I will be here for the next year on a Fulbright student research grant to study sustainable public transportation!


This week has been a hot one in Ho Chi Minh City! I have spent a lot of time inside, enjoying the high quality air conditioning of many restaurants and cafes. 


This week marks not only the end of our RTW exchange but also my time in Vietnam. It has been an amazing year, and I hope you enjoyed getting a peak into my life here. I've loved sharing with you!

Field Notes

The future of transportation in Vietnam is complicated. Motorbikes are an important part of the culture and basic structure of the city. However, there is also a desire to build more public transit. 


It was not until moving to Vietnam that I understood how many distinct landscapes exist. Whether jungles, mountains, or something in between, the natural beauty in Vietnam is unlike anywhere else.