Yogyakarta, Indonesia
-7.795579800000, 110.369489600000
Journal Entry:

Something I’ve learned from traveling is how to say goodbye. You meet so many people when traveling and eventually you part ways, but something I’ve learned is that goodbye is never forever. So many people you might say goodbye to and then see years later. I had a friend I met five years ago in Peru and we hadn’t spoken much since that trip. I found out through social media that he was living in the same city in Indonesia as I was, so I contacted him. We have ended up hanging out many times. It really is crazy where you might run into someone again, and even if you don’t see them there is always social media or just your memories. Saying goodbye doesn’t have to be sad. It just means there is a new chapter for you or for them.

Now it time for me to say farewell to you. I hope that following me on my journey to Indonesia has let you learn a little bit about the local culture in Indonesia, traveling in general and me. I hope my journey has inspired you a bit to reach outside your comfort zone. Who knows... maybe one of you will become a Reach the World traveler one day!

I hope that someday you will have the opportunity to travel and learn more about the world and yourself. People sometimes say that traveling is expensive (and it can be), but it also can be very cheap or even free.