Traveler Bio

Hello everyone! My name is Elizabeth Oliphant, but you can call me Liz! I am currently in Indonesia studying geothermal energy and the chemistry of volcanoes. This project grew out of my love for nature and my interest in sustainable energy. I grew up in California hiking on the weekends and going skiing in the winter. In college, I decided to pursue my passion for nature by studying earth science and geology at the University of Michigan. Throughout college, I was exposed to environmental problems and sustainability issues that our world is facing. From this exposure, I grew an interest in renewable and sustainable energy. When looking for jobs, I knew I wanted to find a way to combine my geology knowledge with my interest in renewable energy. That is how my idea of studying geothermal energy was formed.

I was fortunate to receive a Fulbright Research Grant to study the chemistry of volcanoes in Indonesia and to work with geothermal companies to make this renewable energy more cost-effective. I moved to Indonesia in January of 2019 and will be living here for the next year. I will be splitting my time between Bali, Bandung, and some of my field sites. I am excited to get to know Indonesian culture and share my journey with you! I also hope to get to know you all in the weeks to come! Sampai Jumpa! (See you later!)