Heard Around Town

Osaka, JP
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Journal Entry:

As you know, most people in Japan speak Japanese. It is quite a hard language to understand. I'm not the most qualified person to teach Japanese, but today I will give you six common words and phrases used here in Japan. Who knows? It might come in handy if you ever come to visit!

こんにちは!(kon-ni-chi-wa): Means "Hello!" It is the regular way to say "Hi" to people you meet.

ありがとう (a-ri-ga-too): Means "Thank You". You say this whenever someone helps you out in a pinch. 

カッコいい (ka-koi): Means "Cool". You say this when you see a cool person or something cool; like, "'Demon Slayer is so cool!"

すみません (sue-mi-ma-sen): Means "Excuse me". This phrase is very, very common. You can use it for everything, but people normally say this when they accidentally bump into someone, ask for help, etc. 

可愛い (ka-wai): Means "Cute". People use this word to describe things like pets, nice things or cute things; but you don't use it for beautiful things like nature or cities. 

大好き (dai-ski): Means "I really like". 大 (dai) means "big", 好き (ski) means "like"—so you are literally saying "big like" rather than "I really like".