Heard Around Town

You can say this phrase for things like, "I really like bacon, egg and cheese, the Ocky way".

There are so many other things you can say in Japanese! Languages are hard to learn, but you can start learning Japanese on your own, or you can take classes. Anime is a good entry to this language, but real people don't actually talk like anime characters do! I've studied Japanese for three years, but I barely speak at a 2nd-grade level!

Languages are so cool! There are so many out there, and I think learning more than one helps you connect with people. It can also come in handy when visiting certain countries. For example, on my trip to Spain, moving around the city was easy because I'm a native Spanish speaker. But on my first day in Japan, I got lost because I had very little knowledge of Japanese, and I saw so many advanced words everywhere. Luckily, a few phrases helped me ask someone for directions. This is why learning a new language is always helpful (pssst...plus, it's a very cool flex)!