"Ogumeho Gye" - Goodbye

Mbarara Uganda
Journal Entry:

Wow! Time does indeed fly. I cannot believe our time together has already come to an end. Every minute writing about my Ugandanexperiences and sharing them with you has been enjoyable. Also, despite some technical challenges, seeing the faces—through video call—of those following my journey was a pleasure. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

So, my last words to you are "dream big!" It doesn’t matter where you are or where you come from; always have big dreams. To that extent, I am now a Fulbright student working in Uganda because I never settled for less.

The environment I grew up in didn’t always offer me the best opportunities, but I always dreamt big. I didn’t let where I grew up define who I wanted to become. Instead, I chose to work hard to accomplish my ideas and aspirations. Albeit difficult at times, I remained focused on my future. I wasn’t always the smartest student, but I exerted my best efforts and studied hard.

Traveling and living abroad is very fun and worthwhile, even in light of the challenges. You get to explore different foods, music, environments, people and animals among many other things: all of which makes you appreciate the beauty in the world. Traveling is also very educational, particularly when it comes to learning about yourself.