Underwater Archeology and the Search for Endurance

Cambridge, England
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Journal Entry:

Hello from Cambridge, England! My name is Mensun Bound, and after sharing my experiences with Antarctic wildlife in previous Reach the World articles (Penguins; Birds, Seals and Whales; Creatures of the Deep), I’m excited to reconnect with you to discuss my true passion: underwater archeology. I have spent most of my career looking for objects (mostly ships) that were lost to the sea a long time ago. These ships range from 2,600-year-old trading vessels in the Mediterranean Sea to massive, modern warships that rest miles beneath the ocean surface. I love finding lost ships because they are often a window into our past. By examining the ship’s condition and cargo, I can begin to better understand the full story of its crew, the conditions that led to its demise, and even the historical period in which it roamed the high seas. Every ship is a new and exciting mystery to solve.

As the Director of Exploration for the Endurance22 Expedition, it’s my job to oversee the search for Sir Ernest Shackleton’s famous lost ship, Endurance, in the Weddell Sea. I’ve helped to locate some well-known ships in my career, but finding the Endurance is sure to be one of my biggest challenges yet. To prepare, I’ve been doing my homework.