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Welcome to the Endurance22 Expedition!

Are you ready to join a team of world-class scientists and explorers as they search for Ernest Shackleton's lost ship, Endurance, in the icy Weddell Sea off Antarctica? The Weddell Sea is every bit as treacherous as it was for Shackleton and his crew in 1915, but major advances in ship technology, marine robotics, and world-wide connectivity now make it possible to journey deep into the Weddell Sea again--and this time, you get to join the expedition!

Using the power of virtual exchange, Reach the World is putting educators and students at the center of the Endurance22 Expedition. Classrooms around the world will experience the explorer mindset at work. Through written articles and live video calls, students will meet experts in marine robotics, marine archeology, Antarctic wildlife, polar exploration and marine science. You will see what it takes to plan and execute an Antarctic expedition of this magnitude, and then you will (virtually) climb aboard a South African icebreaker and journey alongside the Endurance22 team to the very spot where Endurance sank more than 100 years ago in the Weddell Sea.

What will we discover there? Join the expedition today and let’s find out together!