Our News

I may have to borrow a book or two from other expedition members when I run out. I see many people reading or writing in journals at the end of each day.

What games or sports did I play this week?:

I made up a game called “Find the South African Weather Service office”. The two SAWS meteorologists/oceanographers aboard the ship, Dr. Marc De Vos and Carla Ramjukadh, asked me to come and visit them, and I got hopelessly lost looking for their office towards the back of the ship. I did eventually find them, and I got plenty of exercise in the process as I walked up and down many flights of the internal stairways inside the ship.

Other news from this week:

The S.A. Agulhas II is making steady progress towards the Weddell Sea. I watch the ship tracker (https://endurance22.org/the-expedition#ship-tracker) closely, especially as we approach the latitudes where the South African Weather Service will begin deploying the Argo floats. We are traveling west right now to avoid a big storm to the south of us, but everyone onboard is securing their gear in case we hit rough seas. As soon as the storm passes, I expect we’ll turn south! After all the preparations made by so many people, everyone can hardly wait to arrive in the Weddell Sea. It will still be a few days, though, until we see our first iceberg.