Erika's Journey to Finland

Current Location

Oulu Finland

Hei (Hello)! My name is Erika Ruhl, and I'm an archaeologist. I am currently living in Oulu, Finland where I am researching cloth and clothing from the past. Tervetuloa (Welcome)!


Rovaniemi is a city in northern Finland that lies along the Arctic Circle. In the winter, there are days in Rovaniemi when the sun never rises! Come check out this amazing city!


Over the last few months, we have explored everything Finnish: from food to school and beyond. It is time to say goodbye - Let's take a moment to remember where we have been!

Field Notes

While living in Finland, I have had the chance to participate in classes with Oulu-opisto (say it: OW-loo OPIS-toe, which literally means "Oulu College"). Come check it out!


In Finland many students live in opiskelija-asunto (say it: O-pis-KELI-ja AS-un-to), or student apartments. They are inexpensive places to live so students can focus on studying. Come check one out!