Expedition to Mount Everest

Current Location

South Col, Mount Everest, Nepal

Explorers flock to climb it, scientists study it closely, and the Nepalese call it the "Goddess of the Sky". What makes Mount Everest so irresistible? Let's climb to the top of the world to find out!


Hi explorers! I'm Thom, and I seek thrilling and unique adventures on big mountains in far away lands. Want to see what a typical week on Mount Everest is like? Join me as I prepare for summit day!


Hi, young explorers! This is Richard Weise, and my job is to be curious about the world's extraordinary places. One such place is truly larger than life and sticks in my memory. Can I show you?

Field Notes

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Explorer and filmmaker Thom Pollard talks about his four expeditions to Mount Everest, including the time he and colleagues discovered the body of famous British explorer George Mallory.