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At more than 29,000 feet above sea level, there is no place on Earth higher than the summit, or top, of Mount Everest. To the many people who live in the high mountain valleys around Mount Everest in Nepal and Tibet (an autonomous region of China), Mount Everest is a deeply sacred place, known alternatively as "Goddess of the Sky" or "Mother Goddess of the World". To all but the bravest climbers, the mountain is always something that people must look up at--something that makes them feel small.

But what is it actually like to stand at the base of Mount Everest? What is like to climb slowly up a snow-covered mountain face, inching closer and closer to the sky? Let's take a virtual journey to the roof of the world to find out! By meeting some of the explorers, scientists and members of the Sherpa community who climb, study and work to protect Mount Everest, we will see how a mighty mountain can be both an irresistable challenge and a fragile environment in need of our protection.

This virtual exchange expedition is supported by the Citi e for Education campaign.