Jordan has a pizza church? Wait, what?


Anyone up for pizza? What about pizza made in a Church?! What about Italian food in general? Amman is an international city, and there are lots of different restaurants. But one of the most interesting ones is Mar Yousef's Pizza. Or, as I like to call it, the "pizza church"!

What community need did I learn about?:

Amman has a big community of Iraqi Christians. A lot of them came to Jordan as refugees in 2017. This is because the Islamic State was very big in Iraq at that time and forced these people to leave for reasons of personal safety. Now, these immigrants mostly live around the Jabal Amman neighborhood. 

These people also need jobs. And seeing how many Iraqis want to come to the United States or another place to look for work, there is always a need for places closer to home where they can develop their skills. 

Why does the community have this need?:

The laws determining which refugees can work in Jordan are very complicated. It is not always clear when a refugee can work or cannot work. For that reason, a lot of these people want to learn new skills and then leave. 

Is this need being met? How?:

The pizza church fills this need! In 1959, some Germans came to Jordan and founded St. Joseph Parish Church.