Hellenic Arc Volcanic Field Expedition

Current Location

Crete, Greece

Join scientists aboard the JOIDES Resolution as they collect underwater rock and sediment cores inside the caldera of Santorini, Greece--the site of one of the world's largest-ever volcanic eruptions!


Hi students! While you were enjoying Winter Break, I spent my first week at sea as we traveled from Spain towards Greece. Want to see what Christmas was like aboard the JOIDES Resolution?


Hi explorers! It's me, Sara, and with just three days remaining aboard the JOIDES Resolution, I want to share three of my favorite facts that I have learned during this expedition. What could they be?

Field Notes

As we near the halfway point of this expedition, the science team is pulling up a steady flow of rock cores from the seabed that help us learn more about the history of the volcanos around Santorini.


In this third livestream event, Sara leads a guided tour of the JOIDES Resolution's science labs and stops to chat with geologists, sedimentologists and volcanoligist along the way. Don't miss it!