Ciao from Argentina

I am still waiting to hear back from a few coaches to see if I can play with them.

This weekend, for the Easter holiday, a group of my American friends (from my program) and I traveled to Mendoza, Argentina to ride bikes and horses, hike, to experience a traditional Argentine cowboy or guacho, and to experience a traditional barbecue. I am excited to see my American friends and hear about their experiences working and living in Argentina so far. I know we will have a lot to talk about and a lot that we can share, and it will be nice to take a break from doing so many things on my own.

All that being said, I am trying to maintain two things during this first chapter of my experience, "patience and perspective." Patience includes the ability to wait calmly, even as you're on the brink of starting school, having a schedule and making friends. Perspective, or the way I look at things and see them as part of the larger picture, is why I am here in Argentina and what my goals are. I am also learning how to have a lot of alone time, and how alone time can be a good thing. It's a chance to learn more about myself and be independent.

It has been so nice to include you all in my journey and share more about living abroad and being in Argentina. I can't wait to talk again in person! Please come prepared with questions about what my life looks like in Argentina! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and a great rest of the school year.