Ciao from Argentina

Rosario, Argentina
-32.958702200000, -60.693041600000
Journal Entry:

Hola a todos! I can't believe we are already here, but it's the end of our journey together. We will get to talk in person one more time, but this is my last written update.

I've been in Argentina for three weeks now, and I've been in my apartment in Rosario for two weeks. To be completely honest with you all, it's been hard to adjust and adapt. I haven't started teaching yet, so I do not have a normal school schedule, and I am trying to keep myself busy every day. I also haven't yet been able to make friends at school, so I am doing my best to make friends in other ways. I've tried to balance my time exploring the city (going to museums, markets, monuments and new cafes) with getting into an everyday routine (finding the grocery stores I like, starting my lesson planning and learning how to take the bus).

I am very lucky because there is an American-Argentine bi-national center here where students learn English and work to earn opportunities to visit and study in the United States. I've made a few friends through this center and I am very grateful for all they've done to help me feel comfortable and included so far. I joined a gym and will start taking some Spanish classes soon as well, which should also help me meet people. The one thing I haven't figured out yet is how to join a soccer team.