Isaac's Journey to Morocco

Current Location

Ifrane, Morocco

Hi! I am Isaac James, and this semester we'll be traveling together around Morocco! I'm very excited to share the culture, society and language of this remarkable African nation with you.


This week was a bad week to play outside. It snowed, rained and was windy for most of the week. To get away from the weather, I traveled an hour to Meknes, a sunny and historic city. Let's go!


Perspectives help us understand the world around us. They are influenced by our experiences and by what others tell us. I've learned a lot by listening to the perspective of my friend, Freddy.

Field Notes

People in every corner of the world have traditions. Traditions make different cultures special. It's always fun to get a glimpse of a tradition that's different than your own!


Some of you asked me what my college dorm looks like, and I promised I'd share it with you. Remember, all dorms do not look the same. Will you stay in a dorm when you go to college?