A Migrant's Perspective

The government doesn't do enough to protect undocumented migrants or provide them with resources that will help them succeed in Morocco. 

Although Freddy has experienced a lot of bad in Morocco, he still sees good in the people living in Morocco. Freddy refuses to allow evil, hate or judgment to keep him down and from treating everyone equally. Freddy believes that we are all unique individuals with the ability to show love and treat each other well. The color of our skin, whether we are boys or girls, where we come from, or how much money we have shouldn't keep us from talking to and being friends with people that are different than us. 

Freddy stayed in Morocco, and now helps migrants and refugees here. He tries his best to meet the needs of migrants and refugees, including shelter (housing), food and water, proper clothes for summer and winter, finding a job, and applying for documents so they can be recognized by the government and receive services. Freddy also helps build a bridge between migrants, refugees and local Moroccan citizens. Freddy encourages us all to we never give up on loving and serving each other.