Thank you!

Krakow, Poland
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Journal Entry:

Hey Kids,

It's finally time to say goodbye. I had so much fun learning about Poland with you all! Today, I want to thank you for sharing this time with me and explain why you should continue learning about Poland.

First off, THANK YOU! You are the smartest, most curious class, and I'm lucky to have been matched with you. You challenged me to learn things about Poland I would have never thought of. I went to places and did things I would have never done had it not been for all of you. Thank you a million times over!

Next, even though our time together is ending, it doesn't mean you stop learning about Poland! Poland has so much more to offer than what we've learned about. Truly, we have only scratched the surface. 

You all are now among the few Americans that learn about Poland. A lot of people never take the time to learn about this amazing country and all it has to offer. I hope you are very proud of yourselves for being as interested in foreign cultures as you are. You absolutely deserve to be.

Lastly, I am very thankful to Ms. Cruz and Ms. Lorenzana for allowing me to be in your lives. It has been a truly special experience I will cherish. 

Thank you again!