Jacqui's Expedition to Peru

Current Location

Chincha Baja

Hello, explorers! My name is Jacqui, and I'm a Peace Corps Volunteer in Peru! Join me as I use my civil engineering background to help protect communities' access to clean drinking water.


Hey there! Welcome to Chincha Baja, the southern coast of Peru. Let me share with you what a typical week looks like living and working here.


Are you curious about the world? Well for me, I always had questions growing up! I invite you to learn a little about how I grew up and where in the world I ended up. 

Field Notes

I always thought not having a driver's license or owning a car would make it difficult to get places. However, here in Peru, there are so many different types of accessible public transportation!


Join Peace Corps Volunteer Jacqui Scibior as she introduces her journey to Peru! Jacqui will preview her outreach to youth and work as a civil engineer to help communities access clean water.