Traveler Bio

Hello, explorers! My name is Jacquelyn, but you can call me Jacqui. I am 29 years old, and I grew up in the small town of Sauquoit, New York, with three sisters and four dogs. As a kid, I enjoyed exploring the woods behind my house, skipping rocks in the nearby creek, and just being outside. I was also very curious about what other countries looked like and what other children did for fun. 

I have also always liked the different styles of buildings in other countries, so in college I decided to study civil engineering. Civil engineers help design and construct the buildings, bridges and other structures that support everyday life. After college, I wanted to live in another country for a few years so that I could deeply experience a different culture and learn a new language. So, I decided to join the Peace Corps and I moved to Peru!

I’m writing to you from my bedroom in Peru, and my puppy, Lyka, is here by my side, too. As a Peace Corps Volunteer, I am here to teach children about the environment, water resources, and how to stay healthy. I also help small communities get clean drinking water. I work with local organizations to solve problems relating to water storage, water use, and the ways that towns keep their water supplies safe. I use my civil engineering skills to help improve the health of others. 

I’m excited to share my experiences in Peru with you through this virtual exchange expedition!

Peace Corps Volunteers like me live and work side by side with community members around the world, collaborating on locally prioritized projects, building relationships, exchanging cultures and knowledge, and helping transform lives for generations. Learn more by clicking here.