Jeffrey's Journey to Spain

Current Location

Madrid Spain

Hey, all! My name is Jeffrey Tarrasch and I am an English teacher in Madrid, Spain. I'm excited to share my experiences in Spain and Europe with you! Let's go!


I came back to Madrid two weeks ago, and am happy to be working with my students again and getting everything going after the break. Read on to find out how life is like working in Madrid!


It has been fantastic writing about my journey for you all! I can not believe that this is goodbye, but I hope that you have enjoyed reading my story and that you have found it meaningful!

Field Notes

English speaking in Spain is a sought after skill. Yet not everyone has access to opportunities to learn here. I recently started volunteering in a subsidized after-school program for ESL learners.


Barcelona is one of Spain's most famous cities. It is the capital of the Catalan region and is a gorgeous city renowned for its architecture and food. I had the chance to visit it this trip!