Jennifer's Journey to Israel

Current Location

Haifa, Israel

I'm from the University of Fresno State and will be studying abroad in Haifa, Israel for nine months. I hope you have fun following me on my journey! One day you'll be studying abroad, too!


Jerusalem is the second largest city in Israel. Since we had no classes for two weeks, a group of friends and I decided to explore Jerusalem and its surrounding cities for three days.


Sadly, our time together has come to an end. I loved sharing my experiences from this semester with you, and my hope is that I have inspired you to go abroad and experience everything for yourself!

Field Notes

Meet Ido, an eleven-year-old boy from Haifa whom I met on a playground! He was happy to answer some questions for you.


I realized that I haven't introduced my favorite café to all of you!. Welcome to ארומה (Aroma)! This is the Starbucks of Israel! Aside from coffee and pastries, they have delicious meals, too!